Beaches in Paralio Astros

Paralio Astros has become a very popular destination in Arcadia, it is 160 km from Athens, 32 km from Nafplio and 35 km from Tripoli and it boasts about its lovely beaches of 14 km length!


Old Inn
Coming from Nafplio, Argos or from Athens and as we have crossed a lot of the coastline of the Argolic bay, before reaching Paralio Astros we see the beach which is 4 km long. The first beach we meet is the beach of the Old Inn (Paliohano-Παλιόχανο). It took its name from the stone building with the arch and the loopholes around it. It is estimated that it was built in 1660 and it is said that it was an inn, a place where the travellers and their animals stopped to get some rest.

The Beach of Old Inn

The beach as you can see in the photo is sandy and the sea is very shallow for a long distance, thing which makes it especially convenient for families with children.

As we go farther we reach the Kato Vervena beach or Batarola with the same ground and sea morphology. Then after we cross the bridge and the campsite we are at Atsiganos beach. The beach is also sandy and the sea a little deeper. There you can find the children's camp.

All this coastline has sea trees, palm trees and it consits of sand. It is equipped with canteens and shops which provide umbrellas, sunbeds, showers and changing rooms.

In Paralio Astros and heading to the theatre, behind the mermaid statue there is a small beach and at the theatre people who like jumping into the water or diving from the rocks can have a go there!


Kallisto Beach

At the other side of the harbour, as you can see in the picture above, there is Kallisto beach which goes up to the end of the pedestrian street. Along the beach there are lots of cafes and restaurants which provide umbrellas, sunbeds, showers and changing rooms where you can enjoy your meals and drinks. The beach consists of thicker sand and the sea is a little deeper. In addition there are life guards towers for even more safety.


Plaz Kallisto

In this picture you can see how beach Kallisto or "Plaz Kallisto" was at the beginning of the '70s, the first equipped beach in Paralio Astros and among the first ones in the Argolic Bay.

Portes Beach

After the beach Kallisto, there is Portes beach which took its name from the area "Portes" of Meligou. It is a very long beach and there are equipped canteens and stores and a lifeguard tower. The waters are deeper and cooler and you can also find sand areas after the camping. You can also see a small stone harbour where, according to the legend, Paris met the beautiful Helen. But in fact these are the walls of a small river which flowed into the sea. You can also see the gates which are buried into the sand. 
If you walk a bit farther you can try nudism, as it is unofficially a nude beach, so do not be surprised.