Monastery of Artokosta


Located: On the road from Agios Andreas to Prastos, 34 km from Paralio Astros.
Celebrates: On the 24th August, on the 23rd there is a special service with lots of pilgrims visiting it. The plain, pure and devout surroundings will take you away form the daily routine and will bring you closer to nature and to the tranquility of the place!
It is one of the most historic and picturesque monasteries and one of the most ancient monastery centres in Tsakonia. It is loacated in the mount Parnonas. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary, it is called Artokosta and was founded in 1617. It is surrounded by continuous buildings with loggias and small towers. In the centre there is the temple which is a cruciform one with a dome.
The old monastery
Three kilometres far from the monastery there are the ruins of the old monastery of Virgin Mary built in the 12th century. The ruins can be seen from the road. This monastery claimed to have the icon of Virgin Mary which is attributed to the Evangelist Louka. The icon which has dedications from the emperor Ioannis Palaiologos and from Ioannis Katakouzinos, is now in Italy.
The monastery boasts to have important historical files from the 18th century. In the sanctuary heirlooms and relics are kept. The monastery helped a lot during the revolution in 1821 and that was a reason it was burnt by the army of Ibrahem. Unfortunately its reconstruction took some decades where the temple was rebuilt in 1864 with expenses of 8.800 Greek drachmas. The main icons and the floor of the initial temple were preserved and the floor dates back to 1627 according to an inscription. The monastery had been a female one since 1982 which experienced a blooming but from 2012 has been male again.
It is worth mentioning that the monastery had a glebe in Agios Andreas in order to serve its proposes frm the small harbour of the beach of Agios Andreas. The Glebe of Evangelism as it is called, was built in the 16th century and it is still in great condition.