Mermaids, creatures of fascination

Mermaid Stheno at the harbour of Paralio Astros

Mermaids were creatures who have always fascinated people all over the world. The people's intense desire to make these creatures real, not only has created legends and stories but also recorded sightings about their existence. Some recent documents, reported mermaid sightings in March and May 2013 in Greenland Sea and in Israel.

Mermaids have appeared in many cultures since 1000 BC, in Asia, Europe and Africa. They are connected with natural disasters such as floods, storms or that they can cause shipwrecks and drownings. Other times they are presented as benevolent creatures who fall in love with humans.

Mermaids have been the favourite subject of arts and literature and we often see them in movies, books, paintings even in animation films and comics.
Mermaid statues decorate cities and towns all over the world with the most famous the little mermaid in Copenhagen.
In Greece there are mermaid statues in Paralio Astros, Poros, Spetses, Syros and Thassos.

Μermaid Stheno (Σθενώ) decorates the harbour of Paralio Astros and the visitors can't leave without taking a picture of her. Her name means power, so mermaid Stheno symbolised the power of sea.

In Greek mythology there were three mermaid sisters, Stheno, Evriali and Medusa. Stheno was the oldest and the fiercest of them all. She had killed more men than both her sisters together. Stheno and Evriali were immortal while Medusa was mortal.
Mermaid statue in Madrid